Clinical Informatics Research Group

I am currently a research assistant with CIRG at UW. Our research centers around event detection in clinical notes.

Siri Natural Language Understanding

I spent two years at Apple as a machine learning engineer on Siri’s core NLU team.

I worked at a start-up called where I built intent-classification and slot-filling modeling tools along with backend infrastructure.

Knowledge Lab

During my undergrad I was a research assistant for Knowledge Lab, part of the Computation Institute through The University of Chicago and Argonne National Laboratory. Projects I worked on included:

  • Creating maps of research activity in key topical areas of interest to research funding agencies. The maps could reveal and help funders analyze a) levels of research activity, b) who is participating, c) and in which topics.

  • Creating a network of Wikipedia editors based on their activity on political and science pages in order to uncover insights about how political leanings affect the propogation of scientific knowledge.


My repository contributions